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Tomato physiological disorders can damage up to 50% of the production - Find out the solution!

Blossom end rot and fruit cracking are physiological disorders - not diseases - and can be corrected by other solutions than plant protection sprays?

Tomato can be injured by two very important physiological disorders, namely blossom end rot (BER) and fruit cracking (FC). Physiological Ca deficiency is usually related to the inability of the plant to translocate adequate Ca to the affected plant part, rather than to insufficient Ca levels in the growing medium. The first visible symptom of BER is a small darkened or water-soaked area around the blossom end of the fruit, appearing about the time the fruit begins to ripen. The spot darkens, enlarges, and becomes sunken as the fruit matures. Large lesions may show in concentric rings. FC is the splitting of the epidermis around the calyx or stem scar. FC is a physiological disorder, which mainly occurs when there is a rapid net influx of solutes and especially water into the fruit, while at the same time ripening or other factors reduce the strength and elasticity of the tomato skin. The article summarizes the solutions against physiological disorders on tomato.

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