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We are excited to announce that Margit Olle, one of our esteemed team members, recently participated in two major events that explore the future of sustainable farming.

EU Horizon Europe Cost Action CA20127 WIRE Project Meeting

Margit Olle had the privilege of participating in the EU Horizon Europe Cost Action CA20127 WIRE project meeting. This workshop and laboratory tour provided valuable insights into cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the field of biorefinery. Margit connected with industry experts, shared knowledge, and gained valuable learnings that will benefit our community.

Learn more:

Download PDF • 292KB

Margit had a poster presentation. You may find poster here:

Learn More:

Download PDF • 1.14MB

CBE JU Information Day and Brokerage Event

Margit Olle also attended the CBE JU information day and brokerage event. This event brought together stakeholders in the agricultural industry, fostering collaborations and networking opportunities. Margit had the chance to explore potential partnerships, exchange ideas, and discover new resources related to our shared mission of sustainable farming.

The on-site training How to approach a successful proposal in CBE JU – with experiences from Widening Countries.

Program head welcomed all participants. Successful project examples and tips to learn was presented. Chiara Pocaterra provided insights into proposals writing useful within the CBE JU WP 2024.

Margit Olle benefited from knowledge and practical approach thanks to the experiences of previous project participants. Tips how to write proposal was very good. Second day was hold information day for CBE JU WP 2024 calls. Travel grant was provided by Estonian Research Council.

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