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Innovative agrotechnology for early organic productive potato cultivation!

Do You know the methods to increase the earliness of potatoes and to grow them successfully organically?

I have tried to grow potatoes using followed innovative agrotechnology plan:

1. To hold seed potatoes 0,5 hours in a biostimulant - microorganisms mixture.

2. Variety: Solist, which is Europe's earliest potato variety.

3. Plant seed potatoes in the beginning of April (for example: 08.04.21) on the field.

4. Cover the rows (two by two rows) with a far red filter - plastic, which makes plants stronger against diseases.

5. Hold the plastic (far red filter) on the plants approximately 2 - 3 weeks (when sprouts emerged). Remove the plastic.

6. Then spray the rows with a biostimulant - microorganisms mixture. Then repeat spraying after every 14 days until the beginning of June.

7. See pictures: rows (photo taken on 04.06.21); flower (photo taken on 07.06.21).

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