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How to grow disease free veggies in unheated plastic greenhouses?

The greenhouse cultivation of veggies - tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers - can be rather difficult because of the number of diseases, which can appear on plants.

Some tips how to grow disease free plants in unheated plastic greenhouses?

  1. Remove the top thin layer of the soil from greenhouse the autumn of previous year, after the removal of plants from greenhouses last year.

  2. Wash the greenhouse inside and outside with a soap (EM - effective microorganisms - soap).

  3. Sanitation of greenhouse in the spring of the year of the production - please use natural disinfection products like EM5 (plant protection product from effective microorganisms).

  4. Before planting add some fresh composted soil to the greenhouse.

  5. Starting from night temperature 8 degrees of Celsius - do not lock the doors of the greenhouse, let the doors be opened at night.

  6. Spray plants after planting in greenhouse with bio stimulants 4 times with weekly intervals.

  7. Use only organic fertilizers and do not over fertilize.

  8. Water plants in the morning, so can humidity disappear in greenhouse until the evening comes.

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