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First news!

NPO Veggies cultivation has been active during this year until now to give advice to farmers, applying research projects, testing innovative solutions for next pilot projects in future, writing articles and publishing new books. Four new books are in more handy format (6 x 9 inches), with hard cover and with 1 page short summary (instead of 5-6 pages foreword). Books will be introduced in next four e-mails and next four blog posts (two in September and two in October). More news are coming towards end of October, so stay tune!

Organic cultivation of vegetables Article "Organic Cultivation of Vegetables" has been published.

Organic cultivation of vegetables uses a variety of methods for disease and insect control: hot water, hot air and electron treatment, biological seed treatment groups like microorganisms, plant extracts and inducers of resistance, solarization for nematode control, biopesticides, insect net. Weed control is the most difficult part of vegetable production in organic cultivation. Good methods against weeds can be: tillage, mulching, flaming, hot water treatment. If the proper technology is used, the organic cultivation of vegetables is not so time- and money-consuming and produces vegetables of better quality and nutritional value with no pesticide residues. See More

"Organic cultivation and Bokashi technology" article in Estonian language has been published.

Bokashi technology is a straightforward yet innovative technology to recycle and valorise various kinds of biowaste into a nutrient-rich product that can be used as an organic fertiliser. Bokashi technology is a method for treating biowaste in general and food waste in specific, using controlled lactic acid fermentation under anaerobic conditions. The term is based on a traditional Japanese method of the same name. The acidic and anaerobic environment quickly suppresses the viability of pathogens so even contaminated biowaste can be recycled. The Bokashi technology is almost absent in Estonia at the moment. Article gives overview in Estonian language about promising technology.  Learn More

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