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Innovative R&D solutions for a healthier and sustainable future

The main purpose of the
NPO Veggies Cultivation

The aim of NPO Veggies Cultivation is to carry out research and development activities in the field of vegetable agrotechnics and to introduce innovative solutions to vegetable growing technologies in Estonia, Europe, and all over the world. You can check out books about vegetable research, R&D, agrotechnology, and vegetable innovation dissemination here.

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Farm oriented
Short overview
NPO Veggies Cultivation was founded on January 5, 2021.
NPO Veggies Cultivation is an R&D company.
This company is providing innovative R&D solutions in vegetable agrotechnology to all stakeholders, including hobby growers of veggies all over the world.
You are welcome to:
  1. to study free-of-charge innovative methods in vegetable cultivation,
  2. to order R&D,
  3. to buy books including innovative solutions for vegetable cultivation,
  4. to subscribe to an e-mail list for newsletters or blog posts.
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