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Update for early organic productive potato cultivation!

On 08.06.21 I posted a news about: Innovative agrotechnology for early organic productive potato cultivation! Now about the real results.

USE NEW TECHNOLOGY The preliminary (without scientific tests) results showed that this method is suitable for organic potato cultivation here. The only update of methodology is that in June the potatoes got 3 times by weekly intervals sprayed with UBP-110 and EM mixture. Results: Harvesting began on 15.06.2021. See picture also.

Potato variety Solist performance

Performance of that potato variety was good. After getting sprayed with bio stimulants the stress about colder and rainy May and warmer and dry June disappeared.


Variety Gala grown the same way as variety Solist, while planted on 30.04.21 and harvested on 12.04.21 had very good performance on the field and the yield is also good, partly due to biostimulant treatment.

Check out also my older article about plant protection in organic potato culivation.

Check out also my book here:

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