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The best way to save our planet Earth is EM Technology!

Did You know that EM Technologies have quietly been making history around the world?

The important roles of EM in agriculture: Improve soil health and performance. Improved Soil Structure. Pasture renovation. Enhancing fertilizer input. Improved Root Structure. Improved germination. Reduction of soil compaction. Improved organic matter breakdown. Improved yield. Enhanced Nitrogen Fixation. Producing plant growth regulators. EM applications for fish care, pig and dairy farming, chicken broiler and egg production. Composting with EM. How EM can help to solve environmental problems? Wastewater Treatment with Effective Microorganisms. Cleaning ponds. Bioremediation. Odor and dust control. Leachate and Landfill Gases. Combat Costly Infrastructure Repairs By Preventing Corrosion with Effective Microorganisms. Digestion of Fats, Oils, and Grease. EM in water: Is a biological tool to minimise and diminish concentrations of pollutants through bioremediation, Controls the propagation of harmful microbes, Reduces organic matter to a soluble state, readily consumed by bacteria, Breaks down and decomposes chemical substances, Produce large quantities and varieties of organic and inorganic acids and anti-oxidising enzymes, Utilizes and consumes harmful gasses (methane, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia) therefore eliminating odour – foul smelling water, Reduces the breeding of flies and mosquitoes, Used effectively in Waste Water Treatment Plants, Sewer Systems, Septic Systems, Holding Tanks, Lagoons, Pond Systems etc. Restoring the Planet’s health. EM1 was used by all countries impacted by the Tsunami Wave Disaster in curbing the spread of pathogen diseases. EM1 has been used in cleaning up the polluted inland seas of China and Japan – where marine life and vegetation have significantly returned. EM Technologies have quietly been making history around the world. EM Technology is the best way to save our planet Earth! Interested to read more, then please look here.

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