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Science through pandemic by Dr. Margit Olle

Home office New company: NPO Veggies Cultivation Development of logo and web page Agreements for experiment infrastructure usages Writing articles, books etc. Writing projects Taking courses: Microgreens Financial management Virtual conferences (many of them) Trials

NPO Veggies Cultivation work with sustainable solutions for crop production: THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Safe, sustainable, organically sound ways to grow healthy veggies in future keeping in mind high yield and nutritious veggies to eat for each of us on Earth.

VIRTUAL CONFERENCES Applied microbiology and beneficial microbes – webinar 26-27.08.21. Plant Science: Research and technology – webinar 15-16.11.21. Agriculture and horticulture conference 2021 – webinar 29-30.11.21. The 2nd International Electronic Conference on Plant Sciences – webinar, 1-15.12.21 CIEC 29th symposium 6.12.21 Pacifichem 2021: A Creative Vision for the Future – virtual conference, 16-21.12.21

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