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Guess what, light spectrum-based plants Ca nutrition gives greenhouse manufacturers (who hopefully would like to buy the greenhouse lighting model) lots of work, in order to facilitate the work of farmers and to increase their income!

Calcium is an essential mineral macronutrient and is transported into plants with the transpiration stream. Since Ca is not freely mobile in the plant, short periods of Ca-deficit rapidly affect growing tissues. There is no movement of Ca from older to newly developed tissues.

Ca-deficiency is a common problem for vegetable growers. Many vegetables develop unique symptoms: for example, black-heart in celery, tipburn in lettuce, tipburn in chervil, tipburn of Chinese cabbage, blossom end rot (BER) in tomato and Ca-deficiency in glasshouse cucumber. The unpredictability of the occurrence of Ca-deficiency and the absence of any effective control procedures makes the problem serious.

For example, in Norway tipburn is estimated to cause a loss in the production of up to 20 %, and will then account for a loss of up to 20 million NOK per year (Knoop, 2019). There are currently about 7 hectares of lettuce production in greenhouses in Norway. This equals to about 4 % of the total greenhouse area. It is Billions of EUR per year for farmers globally.

The role of visible light in food production, as in agriculture and horticulture, is obvious, as light drives photosynthesis, which is crucial for plant growth and development.

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