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About the project "Improving cereal production technology" and future plans

Experiments with cereal crops within the project "Improving cereal production technology" are over and the project ended on 30.06.23. This project was the first stage for the possibility in the future to use those fertilizers in cereal production. Now we are seeking new possibilities to do experiments on open land and to see the results there. In the end of the project I interviewed the Jakob Lindam, who is Aru Agricultural Ltd. CEO. The interview is in Estonian language, while he is pointing out that collaboration with scientists is very good and you can trust the data then.

Some results

Winter wheat gemination was increased with adding vermicompost to the soil. Please see the video. Some other results indicate that vermicompost is increasing the (micro, macro and beneficial) nutrients contents in plants. No difference were found in soil microbes contents. 

Video about the experimental work at the Räpina School of Horticulture

You can see step by step video about experiments. 

Future Plans NPO Veggies cultivation as a Start-up company is constantly seeking the possibilities to grow. We are also seeking possibilities for next step - field research together with Aru Agricultural Ltd.

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