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Margit Olle from Estonia got travel grant from ETAG in Estonia and MOST from Taiwan to visit: Taiwan Agricultural research Institute - Fengshan Tropical Horticultural Experiment Branch 23.03 - 31.03.2023.

INNOVATIVE METHODS TO IMPROVE GROWTH, YIELD AND QUALITY OF VEGETABLES Outline: The short overview of my scientific work My 5 discoveries that improve growth, yield and quality of vegetables: Negative DIF reduces Ca deficiency Far red filter reduces Ca deficiency EM improves growth of tomato transplants Silicon improves growth of cucumber transplants Protein yield increases while increasing sowing rate for some varieties


I was very surprised how the Taiwanese peoples - researchers at the Fengshan Tropical Horticultural Experiment Branch organized my trip. The hospitability and the friendliness and gathering "all the best tastes of Taiwan" to me was on very high level. Thank you very much - all group, who hosted me: Wen-Li Lee (director - thank you very much!), Hsiang-I Lee (Lillian - thank you very much with your husband), Miao-Zhen Luo (Luo - thank you very much with your husband), Hsing-Liang Chen, Ying-Huey Cheng, San-Tai Wang (many thanks!), Jaw-Neng Lin (many thanks!), and others.

8 days. What I reached? Much. You can read here:

Two free days were full of activities as well. The memorable trip to see corals above the ground (first picture down), scenic view of nature (second picture down) and wonderful peoples, who guided me (third picture down).

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