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How to shorten the growing period and increase the yield of soybeans?

Do You are aware of conditions how to give a good kick start of soybean cultivation?

As soybean has quite a long growing period, any effort made to shorten the growing period is beneficial. Giving the plant a good start may result in a healthier plant, earlier harvest and higher yield. Effective microorganisms (EM) is a product of organic matter fermentation and its effects are similar to some biofertilizers. Therefore, it was important to conduct experiments to assess the effect of EM on soybean seed germination. The treatments included immersion of seeds for 60 minutes in activated EM solution 1:500 or in water (control). After immersion, the seeds were placed on moist filter paper in Petri dishes without drainage. There were significant differences among treatments in the germination percentage of soybean. The EM treatment showed the greatest number of germinated seeds. Would like to read more about it then read here.

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