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How to fertilize plants to avoid Calcium deficiency in chervil!

Did You know that spraying plants with Calcium solutions can be one of the best methods to avoid calcium deficiency injury on plants?

Chervil is susceptible to tipburn, which is caused by physiological calcium deficiency. The whole leaf can become brown and necrotic. Tipburn is more serious on young leaves. Physiological calcium deficiency is usually related to the inability of the plant to translocate adequate calcium to the affected plant part rather than insufficient Ca levels in the growing medium. Calcium as an element is relatively immobile and is not loaded into the phloem. The effects of calcium deficiency are therefore first noticed in young tissues.

Physiological calcium deficiency is not prevented by calcium fertilization. Foliar application of calcium helps to minimize calcium deficiencies in plants with an open growing point. It is important to get coverage of the youngest developing tissues.

Plants were grown in NFT channels, sprayed with different CaCl2 solutions, in nutrient solutions of different electrical conductivity and different Ca, Na, N and Cl concentrations.

Increasing calcium concentrations in the nutrient solution to an optimal level can increase the calcium content of plants. After reaching the optimal level of calcium in nutrient solutions, any further supply of calcium in the nutrient solution will not affect the calcium content of leaves. The latter was reduced when the Ca concentration decreased in the nutrient solution. Several experiments have confirmed that Ca content in plants is increased by Ca supply. On the other hand, physiological calcium deficiency is usually related to the inability of the plant to translocate adequate Ca to the affected plant rather than insufficient Ca levels in growing media.

Spraying with calcium reduced the incidence of calcium deficiency injury on plants. The incidence of tipburn increased with increase in salinity. Symptoms of calcium deficiency increased and calcium content of leaves decreased with diminishing Ca concentrations in nutrient solutions. The incidence of tipburn was reduced by decreasing nitrogen concentration in the nutrient solution.

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