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Do You know that UBP-110 can increase the yield of tomatoes?

You can only imagine what a ProFarm Ltd. product UBP-110 can do if You know that this is a foliar fertilizer, which is supplying plants with essential micronutrients. Pro Farms patented nutrient delivery mechanism ensures efficient uptake and absorption.

Universal Bio Protector (UBP-110) is highly concentrated Organic Mineral Fertilisers that contain organically bound minerals with high quality Humic and Fulvic acids. The experiments were done in order to see the effect of of UBP-110 on fruit yield, disease incidence and nutrient content on the tomato variety Mato. The experiments were carried out in 2016 in an unheated polycarbonate greenhouse in Jõgeva, Estonia. The treatments were: 1. with UBP-110 (4 times spraying with 0.05% solution of UBP-110) and, 2. without UBP-110 (control with water) at 2-3 leaves stage, before flowering stage, in the beginning of flowering, and in full flowering stage. The application of UBP-110 increased the fruit yield of determinate tomato variety ‘Mato’ by 25%. The fruit yield was obtained 4 days earlier in UBP-110 treatment compared to control. The average weight of one tomato was increased by UBP-110 treatment, compared to control treatment. The incidence of diseases did not show statistical differences and seems not to be influenced by the application of UBP-110. The total, roots and shoots biomass was significantly increased in UBP-110 treatment compared to control treatment. The lengths of roots in vertical and horizontal direction did not show statistically different results. The content of Phosphorus in fruits was higher in UBP-110 treatment compared to control. The contents of Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium in fruits were not statistically different between treatments. It can be assumed that if fruits in control treatment are smaller and in UBP-110 treatment are larger that there can be nutrient dilution effect, but it has no evidence, because in this experiment the dry matter and water content of fruits were not measured. General conclusion: UBP-110 treatment in our tomato investigation gave earlier and higher fruit yield, larger tomatoes, increased biomass (total, roots, shoots) and increased Phosphorus content of fruits. Acknowledgements. The experiments were carried through with financial support from Pro Farm Ltd. For more information please check here.

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