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Do You know another method how to increase the yield of soybeans?

Do You know the methods to increase the yield of soybeans?

Effective microorganisms (EM) comprise a mixture of live cultures of microorganisms isolated from fertile soils in nature that are useful during crop production. The principle activity of EM is to increase the bio-diversity of soil microflora, thereby increasing crop yield. Photosynthetic bacteria, the major components of EM, are reported to work synergistically with other microorganisms to provide the nutritional requirements of the plant and to reduce disease. EM interact with the soil-plant ecosystem to suppress plant pathogens and agents of disease, to solubilise minerals, to maintain soil microbial-ecological balance, and fix biological nitrogen. Effective microorganisms increased the yield. Yield increase with EM treatment is result in most investigations with agricultural crops. It can be concluded that EM increases yield of soybeans.

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