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Books presentation video

Margit Olle's books presentation video

On 29.11.22 at 12.00 (Estonian time) was virtual online real time Margit Olle's books presentation

My apologies due to technical problems. I feel sorry for those of you, who really wanted to attend. The book presentation video involves trailers, music, books presentation and at the end also a large part of acknowledgements for funders and persons, who helped me. You are welcome to visit my webpage to buy those books. 12 signed books I promised to be ready for winning are waiting for to be won. Those of you who would like to participate in a random draw of books, please send your e-mail to me during one week after sending out this e-mail, it means until 16.09.22. Then I will arrange a random draw and 12 persons get my book. Video of random draw will be available.

Finally, here is the book presentation video!

Just to let you know, my books are listed here:  Dig In

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