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4. New book! Best practices in greenhouse plant production.

Olle, M. 2021. Best practices in greenhouse plant production (hardcover). USA: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. 89p.

This book aims to describe best practices in greenhouse crop production and how those methods can improve the growth, yield, quality, and protection of greenhouse crops.

First three chapters are about my three discoveries:

1. Plants were grown under a far-red filter, which filters out much of far-red light. Far-red light is responsible for the elongation of plants. When grown under a far-red filter to remove much of the far-red light then plants remain more compact (knowledge from Japan). With far-red filter plants contain more Calcium and show fewer Ca deficiency symptoms (Margit Olle discovery).

2. Negative DIF is when the night temperature is higher than the day temperature. In such condition’s plants stay more compact (Roar Moe from Norway have lots of papers about it). Under negative DIF conditions plants contain more Calcium and there are fewer Ca deficiency symptoms on plants (Margit Olle discovery).

3. Effective microorganisms (EM) improve the quality of tomato transplants because they remain compact with greater stem diameter (Margit Olle discovery).

Bokashi tea improves the growth of tomato transplants by increasing stem diameter and is allowing for pants to take up more nutrients.

Cucumber transplants were taller and stem diameter was greater in silicic acid treatment compared to control. The content of NO3, N, P, Mg were higher in Si treated plants.

Out of the results of vermicompost substrates experiments we could conclude that the best substrate to grow cress is substrate containing 25% vermicompost, peat, gravel, light gravel.

In conclusion all those best practices – negative DIF, far red filter, EM, bokashi tea, silicic acid and vermicompost – are meant to use in greenhouses. They have huge potential to apply in organic and sustainable cropping systems..

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