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3. New book! Best effective microorganisms practices in greenhouse plant production.

Olle, M. 2021. Best effective microorganisms practices in greenhouse plant production (hard cover). USA: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. 99p.

This book aims to illustrate the nature of EM and Bokashi technology and describe the best methods how EM and Bokashi technology can improve the growth, yield, quality, and protection of greenhouse crops.

EM can improve the quality and yield of vegetables by reducing the incidence of pests and diseases, and by protecting against weeds, thereby contributing to sustainable agriculture.

Bokashi technology – coming from Asia (Japan) - is an innovative technology to improve soil fertility, plant health, yield and food quality. This technology has a huge potential to be applied in Europe, only right methodology should be developed based on the knowledge of temperature regimes.

EM has been found to increase seed germination, vigour, early fruiting and the number of fruits in tomato. In most cases, it has also increased yield, probably due to increased photosynthesis. It is beneficial for pest management in tomato cultivation having pesticidal qualities. Applied with organic amendments it has enhanced weed growth in the first year which then declined significantly with time. It gave lower glycoalkaloid content in Bokashi-treated tomatoes. EM treatment increased vitamin C concentration and the content of saccharide, protein and amino acid in tomato. EM increased leaf N content and decreased leaf dry matter yield of tomatoes.

EM improve the quality of tomato transplants, as they remained more compact with a greater stem diameter. EM improves the growth and reduces the nitrate content of cucumber, pumpkin and squash transplants.

Bokashi tea improves the growth of tomato transplants by increasing stem diameter and is allowing for pants to take up more nutrients.

In conclusion all those best effective microorganism practices to use in greenhouses have huge potential to apply in organic and sustainable cropping systems in greenhouses – id est. to improve the growth, yield, quality, and protection of greenhouse crops and grow healthy food crops without harmful pesticide usage.

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