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1. New book! Best practices against calcium deficiency in greenhouse plant production.

You can only imagine what a knowledge about calcium deficiency disorders can do for farmers - you can predict how to grow disorder free plants. This is extremely important because plant tissues suffering under calcium deficiency do not survive and die back.

This book aims to describe best practices against calcium deficiency in greenhouse crop production and how those methods can improve the growth, yield, quality, and protection of greenhouse crops. The first article gives an overview of the causes and control of calcium-deficiency disorders in vegetables.The second and third chapters are about my two discoveries: 1. Plants were grown under a far-red filter, which filters out much of far-red light. Far-red light is responsible for the elongation of plants. When grown under a far-red filter to remove much of the far-red light then plants remain more compact (knowledge from Japan). With far-red filter plants contain more Calcium and show fewer Ca deficiency symptoms (Margit Olle discovery). 2. Negative DIF is when the night temperature is higher than the day temperature. In such condition’s plants stay more compact (Roar Moe from Norway have lots of papers about it). Under negative DIF conditions plants contain more Calcium and there are fewer Ca deficiency symptoms on plants (Margit Olle discovery).The fourth article concluded that optimal size of rock wool cubes for chervil plants in present investigation was 135 cm. 3. The optimal pot volume for leaf lettuce plants was 0.6 L. The plants grown in those kinds of conditions had reduced amount of tipburned leaves, highest fresh weight and Ca content in leaves. The fifth article showed that spraying with calcium reduced the incidence of calcium deficiency injury on plants. The incidence of tipburn increased with increase in salinity. It means adequate salinity levels should be used for each greenhouse crop production. In conclusion all those best practices – negative DIF, far red filter, optimal volume of growing medium, spraying with Ca solutions and keeping adequate electrical conductivity – are the best tools to decrease the level of calcium deficiency in greenhouse crops. For more information please click the button!

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